Sunday, September 10, 2006

Tigers and Sheep Joined Together

You can be a funny lot, my transient readers. A large number you have come via pure happenstance - and strange people some of you must be judging by some of the bizarre terms that you've used in your search engine (and you thought the internet was anonymous). It's fair to say that some of you are clearly rather strange.
  • tigers and sheep joined together
  • photo of a tiger having paintbrush
  • what is the suitable gesture
  • social stigmata
  • motorway bridges peas
  • if you have married and have take along with she or he?
  • gay lanzhou
  • gym ningbo monthly
  • meaning of ambling
  • "distorting mirrors" marks and spencers
  • m6 nomad jacket
  • "more magazine" hangzhou
  • "british people" cliche
  • cycling by night
  • bike horn tiger sound
  • "bus behaviour" load flow
  • filipino tv dramas
  • shuddering on left turn volkswagen bora
  • the joys of golf
  • linying temple
  • elephant ambling
  • august burns red lyrics
  • guangzhou--starbucks
  • "the best environmental think tank in the country?
  • "home truths" radio stafford
  • sainsburys barilla
  • cartoon dalmation standing on a shelf
  • temporary dvla driving licences
  • grandma's kitchen hangzhou
Actually the most popular search terms all relate to the word "PEAS" which is written on a bridge over the M25 motorway in the UK - it's time the person responsible blogged about it so we'd all get a better understanding (or at least they could admit that they can't spell PEACE, which seems quite likely...)

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