Monday, October 02, 2006

Journalistic Marvel

I'm happy to accept improvements to this translation from anyone with better Chinese than mine...

This is a translation of the article about JP that was it yesterday's "今日早报" newspaper. Most of the 'facts' about JP are made up, I assume most of the facts about how wonderful the airport personnel are are designed to please the person who passed the photo to the journalist.

Bear in mind that Hangzhou as a city is home to 5 local TV stations, 6 regional TV stations and several newspapers that are all desparate for news (I've seen "1818 黄金眼" - the local reality news show follow the story of the lady who purchased some shoes she later deemed unsatisfactory, and got a camera crew to accompany her to the shop to watch her complain about the shoes and receive a refund). Given the potential newsworthiness of this story, I don't understand why they didn't bother finding out any of the facts about JP.

(For a quick JP update: I'm told he's doing much better today).

Air Ambulance from Hangzhou flies straight to Hong Kong

Hangzhou Border Inspection Completed Very Quickly, Young Englishman Badly Injured in Vehicle Accident Successfully Transferred to Hospital

Morning Newspaper reports that yesterday morning around 9 O’Clock a young Englishman, James Patricks, seriously injured in a traffic accident, was transported by ambulance from the Zhejiang #2 Hospital to Xiaoshan International Airport where a specialist Air Ambulance was waiting.

Border Inspection personnel rapidly processed them through the green channel. In a very quick 8 minutes the Air Ambulance had completed all inspection formalities and James successfully boarded the Air Ambulance.

The young Englishman unfortunately had a traffic accident. [note - every paragraph in this section contains an untruth]

James Patricks is 29 this year. In Mid-September, he received an invition from a friend in Hangzhou and took annual leave from work to travel alone to Hangzhou.

On September 26th, James was a passenger in a tour bus as it passed through Wen San Road and unfortunately had a traffic accident. James’ entire body suffered many injuries. His brain and vertebrae were seriously injured and he was taken to Tongde hospital.

After three hours of surgery, James’ life was temporarily no longer in danger.

On the second day, James was moved to the Zhejiang Number 2 Hospital to continue his treatment. There doctors immediately carried out an urgent examination which led to a specific plan of treatment. James was still in a state of unconsciousness but basically remained stable.

The air ambulance arrived in Hangzhou yesterday.

James’ parents on hearing of the accident immediately came to Hangzhou from England. They requested their son be relocated to Hong Kong to continue treatment because of the possibility of language barrier problems.

Zhejiang #2 Hospital Doctors did an examination and found James to be stable and able to withstand a short two hour flight so agreed to the hospital transfer.

The day before yesterday an English insurance company received an emergency application to charter the plan and immediately through a Beijing international assistance organisation contacted Golden Deer Aviation. After much coordination, Golden Deer Aviation dispatched the plane yesterday morning. The Air Ambulance rushed to Hangzhou to carry out its urgent mission.

Hangzhou Border Inspection Completed Very Quickly

On the afternoon of September 29th, the Hangzhou Border Checkpoint received a related urgent notification. According to protocol, a flight that is not a scheduled flight should apply to the Civil Aviation office of aviation for approval at least two days in advance.

Clearly there was not enough time. Because of this situatuin, the Hangzhou Border Inspection Supervisor specially approved this charter flight and requested the airport police urgently use the ‘green channel’.

Yesterday morning at 9:30, an ambulance sped to the Xiaoshan airport airport parking area. Workers carefully lifted James down. Border Inspection officials processed the papers of the entire flight crew extremely quickly. From beginning to end only 8 minutes.

20 minutes later, the special plane took off as scheduled, carrying the blessings of many Chinese personnel, and sped to Hong Kong.

By the time the reported completed this article, James had already successfully arrived in Hong Kong. He is expected to be in Hong Kong for a short time for treatment and will return to England before too long.

According to airline personnel, the plane charter fee is approximately 300,000 RMB (20,000 GBP).


HistoryElephant said...

makes you wonder how well researched any of those other newspaper articles are: man falls from tree and hurts foot; exciting visit of trade delegation from somewhere; man dies after 72 hours in an internet cafe...

basil said...

db - did you tell me something about someone saying jp was in a french cargo hold. maybe the same person gave the intrepid young reporter the details for the newspaper article!!!

dB said...

I've only just realised that this is actually the Society Page (社会)

HistoryElephant said...

Is that 'Society' as in 'a part of the community that sets itself apart as a leisure class and that regards itself as the arbiter of fashion and manners'? or is it 'Society' as in that section of the Guardian with vacancies for Social Workers?

Reluctant Nomad said...

That is hilarious and very worrying, both at the same time.

Meursault said...

Hope James gets better soon. The piece of "journalism" just goes to show that anything can be twisted into making Hangzhou look like an investment opportunity.