Saturday, February 17, 2007

CNY Fireworks

CNY Fireworks, originally uploaded by Ambling Sheep.

Just to give you a hint of the amount of rubbish generated by the Chinese New Year fireworks this is a shot I took last night (bathed in the light of the fireworks themselves at this was some time after midnight).

At a guess 250 people live in my apartment complex. 6.8 million people live in Hangzhou. The celebration goes on for 15 days.

Chinese New Year is bad for the environment. Discuss.


basil said...

do they know what arson is over there?

NewsElephant said...

I think they're just arson around

basil said...

beat me to it portious. I was waiting for some mundane reply and i would have posted or are they just etc etc.
but of course i would say that wooden eye