Thursday, March 15, 2007

As Billy Connolly Said

I remember watching the Big Yin himself saying that he didn't know what was going to happen as he got older but his ears seemed to be preparing for something big given the volume of hair they had started sprouting.

Well, I'm more intrigued how my nose happened to know that it was my 40th birthday just last month.

With the sort of military timing normally reserved for the 366th day after purchase of a complex household appliance for which no extended warranty has been purchased, I've started growing, er, a little moustache but slightly above my top lip.

Alas, it appears that with advancing age I will no longer be able to mock Victor Kyam and all of the other old fellas that need specialised trimmers. For shame.

If any of my older readers have any tips about other depressing fates lined up for me over the next 10 years please let me know.


HistoryElephant said...

top tip: don't stand by the bathroom door lest anyone come in and knock your arm whilst you're trimming

basil said...


basil said...

which I think the big yin mentioned as well.

you can actually buy nasal razors but if you don't mind your eyes watering and being accused of picking your nose nip the offending wee beasties twizt thumb and forefinger and have a quick yank (and I'm not talking about the euphemism or our friends across the atlantic).