Monday, May 14, 2007

Mexican Excitement

At last! Apparently Hangzhou is now home to it's first ever Mexican restaurant. Also apparently owned and run by Mexicans.

441 Xixi road

Even better, it's open at lunchtimes and it's easy walking distance from the office!

A review will definitely be taking place shortly!


Melissa Jamin Beyer said...

I've been there several times, and as a Mexican, I can tell you that it tastes very very good! (the cook is also mexican, and yes indeed, the place is run by mexicans).
You should definitely try it, I give it several stars! *****

DB said...

Greetings Melissa - Actually I should have posted a follow-up as I went the next day.

The restaurant itself is very nice (although, unless you're a student or work nearby, it's not going to be a particularly convenient location).

The food was good, although portion size was a bit smaller than I expected (although most of the Mexican food I've eaten was in the US or UK where even in 'real' Mexican restaurants the portion sizes are for rather large American appetites.

I think my only real criticism is that the menu is rather short on description (in English or Chinese) as to what the items are, although as the target audience are presumably the Mexican student population that's probably less of an issue.

Andrew said...

"it's" as a possessive?

DB said...

Hey, when you live in an apartment that has a sign outside saying "The grass have feelings. Please not override!" you become oblivious to these things.

Meursault said...

The portions are indeed very very small. Hurrah then for taxi-drivers who are willin to wait for you as you pop into KFC for a quick take-out on the hungry way home.