Monday, June 05, 2006

Damned Cheap Junk!

I was going to post to say that I have joined the madness that would be cycling during rush hour, oh yes I was.

I bought a shiny new bicycle on Sunday, a Giant mountain-bike with full suspension for the princely sum of 70 GBP (that's one fifteenth of what my last bike cost me in the UK that's slowly rusting in my brother's garage). Superb it is.

I was denied cycling in yesterday because it was pouring with rain and I'm not that big a masochist just to try my bike out.

This morning the rain was over, it's lovely and cool (around 23 C). Got up early to pack my rucksack with a few essentials (including a change of clothes in case I get sprayed with brown water en route), iPod Nano strapped to my bicep and headed off to the bike park...

...only to find that one of the brand new locks decided it preferred being attached to the front wheel and refused point blank to open. 15 minutes of twisting, poking, cajoling, trying the other key and, nothing.

I have a brand new, entirely decorative bike.



a. said...

I've told you about strapping that ipod to your bicep. Now come on.

dB said...

Where do you suggest I strap it...?

JP said...

I'm completely thrown, I can't remember what I was going to comment; however 'a' is right about the arm strap.

dB said...

I don't get it. What's the problem? There's no other sensible body part to attach it to where it wouldn't get in the way?!?!

Anonymous said...

let's stop rrrright there!