Friday, June 30, 2006


YY is trying to arrange some life insurance.

Because we've been procrastinating for ages the insurance company have guessed that it's because I can't read the cover docs so have translated them for me.

Here are the edited highlights from the English version.

Name: Miss Young Parrot

Cover: five years by a 50-year-old congratulate

Premium: a monthly payment of 8333.3 million

To the 50 year old:

1. Congratulated the 500,000 yuan
2, or 22,500 yuan per year for 87 years

You can guarantee the following:

Design ideas: For life, I believe you understand better than me; For the future, I would like to be farther than you think; For insurance, I believe you have a very understanding, and your Specific situation, I also have Our company and the security of your specific needs. Now, I see it collated, please read.


rt said...

may i be the 1st to congratulate you on being a congratulate, congratulations.

JP said...

So...that's sorted then.