Monday, July 03, 2006

Mad Road Signs

So, another foray on the bike to the Tea Village of Longjing. I knew it was going to be hard work as the map shows the path snaking back and forth upon itself as it winds up the mountain. Can't wait for my new cycle computer to arrive as these things are always more satisfying with statistics.

Set off at at about 5pm to miss the worst of the sun but between the sun and the strong breeze I began to learn what it must be like to be inside a convection oven.

Just as I got to the foot of the main climb, I guessed it was going to be hard work when I saw this:

No Hill Climbing

Still, this is China so the obvious thing to do is to ignore all signs and instructions relating to road traffic law. The climb was pretty hard work but the descent was well worth it (although there was a corresponding "no cycling down the hill" sign at the top).

No idea why the signs were there as it was eminently cyclable, albeit fairly tough.

Still, it's not quite as inexplicable as this sign in the underground car park at the gym.

No Left or Right Turn?


HistoryElephant said...

"The non-motor vehicle approval carries out"

no wonder you were confused

HistoryElephant said...

'as these things are always more satisfying with statistics'?

I recall sending a spoof email ten years ago which had you plotting numbers on a graph