Saturday, July 29, 2006


Ok, so you probably don't care, but I was thrilled this morning to find the bathroom scales telling me that I was 99.9kg (that's 220 lb or 15 stone 10 lb).

Not only don't you care, but you probably think that that sounds quite fat but to put it in context, I was actually 122 kg three months ago and have been working extremely hard, on both diet and exercise regime to rectify this position. To elaborate further, I'm pretty sure I've never been sub 100 kg since I was a student almost 20 years ago.

Still - I'm not finished here - goal is 88kg. I don't remember being 88kg so I might well have been at school last time I weighed that. I'll let you know how I get on!


Anonymous said...

I care, and I'm impressed that you've achieved it; please keep going; you look very well on it.

JP said...

You're doing great, just don't go all Karen Carpenter on us; then again, you're probably in the right country for it.

portuguesa nova said...

Holy crap!! Congratulations! There's nothing worse than being all self-concscious of your body in an Asian country. Trust me, I know.