Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Our Office Toilets

Our Office Toilets, originally uploaded by Ambling Sheep.

I mentioned before that our building management were refurbing all of our toilets. Well.

Because our company now occupies the entire floor they had simply declined to refurbish ours with the argument that 'all of the other toilets were shared but our floor is just for us'. Arguing that we're one of their biggest tenants and pay the same management charge per sq.m. as everyone else has resulted in this.

I got back from paternity leave to discover that the building were proposing this 'compromise'. They have stripped out the old toilets. That's it. They've saved us the strip-out expense. They expect us to refit the new toilets at our expense and, in the mean time, they killed our toilets.

This is rather like the time I asked our builder for a quote to replace an external door. Two days later I came to work and the door and half of the wall were missing. Two days after that the quote for the new door came through. It's a good way of ensuring the business.


NewsElephant said...

i take it this is just the squat-and-drop toilets and that the access-controlled sit-and-shit ones are still working?

DB said...

Yes it as and, don't get me wrong, I'm happy that the toilets have been eradicated - it would just have been nice if we had a plan for the new toilets in place beforehand.

Paul said...

Ah - the 'Access-Controlled Sit-and-Shit Ones'. One of my most memorable projects.

Must be a bit of Barnes Wallis coming out of me there.