Thursday, July 12, 2007

Frankie Update

Frankie Magazine Cover, originally uploaded by Ambling Sheep.

So, it's been a while since I wrote about little Frankie... Hard to believe that she's getting on for 8 months now...

The photos we had done at 4 months are everywhere - as you can see - apparently there's even a wall full of then in the HangzhouDasha department store. Frankie's even been on TV several times (something everyone appears to have seen here) after YY rang the local government hotline over our plight in trying to get Frankie registered here (that's been ongoing for months - more about this if/when it's ever resolved).

She is very rapidly moving out of the phase where I guess a lot of guys would describe as "Very nice... but what does it do?" to being a little person. Within the last two weeks she has learned to clap, can finally wave 'bye-bye' and, if you hold her up, dance to music.

I fear the guilt-o-meter has just been turned up another notch - particularly as I'm going overseas for 6 weeks in a couple of weeks...

Frankie Boss-eyed, originally uploaded by Ambling Sheep.

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