Sunday, July 08, 2007

They've Got Me

After modest pressure from Chickie and Pete I've decided that I am, in all probability, capable of running a half marathon.

I did a couple of 12k runs recently, one near my new apartment along the banks of the Qiantang River which was nice as it's completely flat, and another run to the office (also 12k but certainly not flat) and I'm convinced 21k isn't that much further to be a huge problem (obviously a full marathon is a different prospect!).

I am going to be (hopefully) signed up for the Singapore Half Marathon shortly and am currently waiting to find out the date of the Hangzhou Half Marathon (as I can't run if it clashes with an MBA weekend). Unfortunately no sooner do I make the decision to train for a half marathon than I fall sick with two colds one immediately after the other.

It's worth a quick plug for my (on my last three runs anyway) new running companion, Podrunner. Whilst Dance music isn't naturally my thing (my previously oft-used running music was Linkin Park), running to a constant beat stops me from keep changing my pace when the music changes pace. Just need them to be a bit longer (like 2.5 hours) to get a half marathon done without having to fiddle with the iPod.

At this rate I'll be joining the newly formed Hangzhou Hash House Harriers before you know it.


pete said...

Thanks for the plug.

The hash isn't really about running though and you certainly don't need to be particularly good at it. People walk the hash. The wily hares set a trail which will let the energetic types run off ahead down all the false trails while the slow and steady types at the back get to catch up. The idea is very much that everyone sets off together and comes back together and well set trail does this naturally and everyone has a nice time.

Then everyone gets dunk which is ultimately what it's all about.

On, on!

p.s. We'll be expecting you on Sunday then? Or if you're going to be all serious about the running, Tuesday?

DB said...

Everyone gets dunk, eh...?

Sadly my Sunday is already, er, occupied by the staff Karaoke competition...

Altogether now:


(with apologies to Sinosplice)