Sunday, January 21, 2007

And we're off

So here I am, another day another taxi, off to university for the first time in 19 years. Classically underprepared (I think - I haven't made it through all 400 pages of material I received in December yet) trying to convince myself that it seems very unlikely I'll be the least prepared person in class.

Hopefully everyone is in the same boat of worrying about what this experience is going to be like. To be honest I am fairly nervous for fear of letting myself down. Clearly need to allocate my time better to avoid feeling under-prepared though.

Undoubtedly there's going to be a bunch of smart people in the room but it seems very unlikely that they're all more capable than me at everything. So why can't I chill out?

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花崗齋之愚公 said...

When I first got to graduate school, one of the advanced students told me: "In your first seminar, you'll sit there thinking that everybody is smarter/read more than you. Just remember, that some other newbie is looking at you thinking the same thing."