Monday, January 15, 2007

Nokia N73 Dissapoints

The Nokia N73 phone has a fantastic specification list and on that note meets all of my requirements:

Phone with handsfree
Long talk time
Good battery life
3.1 megapixel camera
English/Chinese dictionary
Syncs with Outlook
Able to access Gmail easily

Unfortunately it has one massive drawback that let's down all of the above and that is that the processor speed is simply inadequate for the task.

The whole point of a camera in a phone is for those opportunities where you chance upon something unexpected, where you are unlikely to have a camera on you and that's where it disappoints.

For example - from the back of the taxi you get the 'what's that? That's interesting. Grab phone. Slide camera cover open. Wait. Wait. Wait. Damn the taxi's set off again'.

I guess on a phone that has a button marked 'clock' on the main menu that takes 3 full seconds to display the time is, inevitably, going to be more complicated with something like a camera but, it's still rubbish.

Verdict: 4/10. Great phone, ruined.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, we had to send the N73 back to Orange; Big Jim was very disappointed but it was just flaking out all the time, reputedly due to the Orange system that is typically added; Orange have been expecting them to be returned although a friend of mine uploaded a firmware upgrade and it's fine and dandy now.

Reluctant Nomad said...

Thanks for that review as I was considering getting it now that I'm in the market for a new contract here in Amsterdam.

Incidentally, I've just got round to your tag.

DB said...

I forgot to mention "The Blue Light". I've only just found out what it is for here. Interesting to see the stories about people covering their phones up because of the damned blue light.

It's the wierdest thing. The light, apparently, comes on 20 minutes after the phone was last used so that you know it's still switched on.

What the manual doesn't tell you (and it's impossible to tell in an illuminated room) is that the little blue light is like a beacon at night.

It is so bright that if I go to bed and leave the phone on my bedside locker face up, it wakes me up. The blue light is actually so intense that a large blue circle of bedroom ceiling is illuminated when it flashes. Quite incredible and thoroughly irritating.

DB said...

Reluctant Nomad - wow - thanks for following up on the tag. If I were American I might even use the word 'kudos' for your openness.