Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Damned French Fries

The doctor has just been in and said that YY can do the operation now but... The OR was booked for 2.30 and now they're all full.

Time ticks by. YY has suggested that to avoid me getting too tired, I should go home now and come back and see my child tomorrow. In this respect, there should be a picture of her in the dictionary under the definition of 'stoic'.

The same can't be said of her stomach, the emptiness of which is troubling her to the point of distraction. I swear that the Chinese could have taken over the world centuries ago if they didn't have to stop every 6 hours for a hot, cooked meal.

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basil said...

Sadly it looks as if Blogger is trying to muck up this live blogging effort. None of the updates sent to it in the last 2.5 hours seem to be stuck in the aether. YY is currently having the op at 1905 China time

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