Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Signing Off

Well, what a day. I'm back at home and YY and Francesca are settling in for the night in the hospital.

I'm afraid Blogger turned out to be a fairly useless product for live blogging from a Blackberry and I'm a bit disappointed that this entry (done through the Blogger interface) will appear long before the last three or four entries that I emailed to Blogger.

Suffice to say that Francesca was born in good health by Caesarian section. YY eventually was returned from the Operating Room and appears in good health and good spirits, albeit absolutely knackered and with no feeling in her legs.

Thanks for the well wishes received thus far and apologies to anyone who didn't get an email or a text thus far.


HistoryElephant said...

is this picture to scale?

Magnús said...

Hello. I came to your blog by coincidence when I was looking for information about how to get married in Lanzhou.

My girlfriend is from Lanzhou city Gansu province but is now living in Xian. I have been looking for information about how to get married in china extensively, and have found many contradicting information.

I was wondering since you got married in Lanzhou city with your girlfriend, if you could be so kind to send me an email about how the process was, how long time it took, what papers both of you had to give them, and how you got those papers. And how long time it took for you to get your marriage certificate.

I would be gratefull forever, and you would be helping me incredibly much, since I want to get married with my girlfriend in January and I am trying to find out how we do it, but there are many contradicting information on the internet, and many places where they say that the marriage registration office can simply deny you out of no reason if they feel like, and some registration try to make it difficult for Chinese to marry foreigners. And that is making me a little nervous, because I want to do everything right.

With best regards, and thanks.
Magnus Sigurdsson,
from Iceland.

pete said...

@DB - congratulations again. Already named, wow. Thankfully not live on the internet but close. We were with you all the way through (if a little lagged, pesky blogger). When are we 'wetting the babies head’ then? Big hugs to the girls from PnD.

@History – they’re like people, only smaller – you should know this. ;-)

@Magnus – presumably you’re not expecting a reply today? ;-)


jms said...

Congratulations to you and YY!.. and Francesca. She looks like you.

Magnús said...

Hi Pete.

No no, I am not expecting a reply today, I am not expecting anything. I just hope that he will be so kind to share with me his experience so I can make me and my girlfriends dream come true.

Any help would be very appreciated.

And congratulations on having a beautiful baby girl. I hope your family will have great happiness now and in the future.


DB said...

Thanks everyone for your kind words.

@Magnus - Yes, I'm happy to share. Not immediately I'm afraid but if you can wait for a few days I'll post about it.

Magnús said...

Thank you DB very very very much. I know that ofcoures you are very busy now since you just had a baby girl, and ofcoures I can wait, I am happy to wait. I would appreciate it very much if you could do it before 10th. of December, since I am going to China December 26th. and the Chinese Embassy in Iceland is closed from December 22th, and it takes around 10 days for them to notarize the papers, I would then have 2 days to aquire them :)

Thank you so much. I actually read your old posts and i enjoyed them very much - the posts about life in China. I have had many similar experiences there :)

I was wondering about the process: what I would need to bring to china, and what papers my girlfriend would need to get (she's living in Xian but registered in Lanzhou, so we have to travel to Lanzhou as you know).

Thank you so much.


Anonymous said...

Dave, YY and Francesca - many congratulations - glad all of you are well! Hope to see you in the near future,
Love Jim & Sian x