Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Wednesday Night Madness

I understand the spirit of sharing that must exist in remote country villages - that whole 'everyone knows everyone else, no-one locks their doors, look out for each other thing' - I'm sure that works very well in the village itself. Unfortunately, again, another madcap situation has just arisen from this thinking.

Remember that YY is 3 weeks away from her due date and is massively pregnant (she's only little and that she's gained 25% in mass over the last 8 months). This was known by the man who just rang us from her home village in Gansu province but he obviously thinks the request he made of YY to be perfectly reasonable.

Tibetan Mastiff
Originally uploaded by o2ma.

His plan is to go from Gansu to Tibet to buy two Tibetan Mastiffs. According to Wikipedia they are one of the largest dogs and can weigh up to 200 pounds (although one hopes his plan would be to buy puppies).

From Tibet he will come to Hangzhou where he is trying to invoke 'village privileges' on getting YY to help him out. Not only does he want us to put him up for an unspecified period, he wants us to put up the two Tibetan Mastiffs, in our apartment. Then he would like YY to go with him to a variety of places where he might sell the dogs.

Obviously it's not happening but if anyone has any suggestions as to how to decline in such a way as to stop him talking trash about us back in the village (where her family still live) gratefully received.


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pete said...

Shame on you! Tsk, Tsk.

basil said...

Shame on moi? That was the polite version!

basil said...

dB in answer to your msn question, yes it meant shoudl you say no? (hence the question mark). It was going to be the same as the punchline to the gag about the clown who used to ridicule this guy in the crowd with his wit and repartee. This guy was going to get his own back one day with his own wit and repartee but always bottled out until one day he had the classic put down and the nerve to deleiver it and he was going to do it THAT night right THERE in the front row!!!!!

basil said...

how come i became anonymous?