Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hey Baby!

Well, I'm sorry it's taken so long (this blog entry that is...). I wanted to make sure that I'd told my family this news before I wrote anything and I held onto that until YY and I were in the UK, wanting to be a surprise. Unfortunately, the rumour mill at my company had done a superb job of ruining my surprise and somehow managing to get to my family before I did so - if you're reading this and decided my personal life was something you thought you ought to tell my family before this - thanks very much. Still, bitterness over. Onto the fun stuff.

YY and I are having a baby (which, in case you don't know, is a first for both of us). YY is currently 5 and a bit months pregnant which, by my calculations puts us online for a mid-late November baby. It will be born in the year of the dog which, I'm told, is a good thing, dogs being sturdy and dependable - hopefully that doesn't mean it will chew the couch and poop on the lawn.

This the most recent pic that I've got on the computer but that's from fairly early on - the others don't show it anything like as clearly. Worryingly it does seem to resemble JP but I imagine most babies do.

Baby FAQ so far:

1) The baby when born will have both a Chinese name and an English name (although the English name will be the one in it's passport).
2) We don't know whether it's a boy or a girl - Chinese hospitals are banned from telling you. Sadly, because most people can only have one child, girls are not highly sought-after so doctors won't tell you for fear or your subsequent actions (that have already lead to a large imbalance in the male and female populations).
3) Pregnancy so far has been without major incident although YY has had large bouts of nausea on and off since the start of the whole thing (the recent flight to the UK was punctuated every 90 mins or so with her disappearing at roadrunner speeds to the loos).
4) Checkup today went well. Heartbeat loud and clear. Very disappointing that I'm in Singapore and missed it!
5) It started kicking this week



HistoryElephant said...

congratulations, you don't know what you're letting yourself in for; I should warn you that babies will chew the couch and poop on the lawn if they possibly can...

pete said...

Congrats to both of you!

mike said...

Oh, that's wonderful news. Congratulations!

JP said...

I'm sure I must have congratulated you by now but...congratulations!!!

There seems to be a lot of room left yet in the old tummy, if my understanding of scans is anything to go on.

Should I post the red eggs or lay them in china?

JP said...

Incidentally...in the scan it appears your baby has a party blower; typical Chinese, always celebrating something.