Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Social Stigmata

Of the many thousands of spam mails I receive each year (and if anyone from my company reading this can help, please can we get spam filtering already!) they rarely make me laugh out loud.

One of today's, selling an as-seen-on-Oprah slimming drug said:

"Did you know obesity kills more and more people every year? We know you hate the extra pounds, the ugly look and the social stigmata attached to fat people. Moreover, you can barely do anything about the terrible eating habits of yours. This all sounds familiar? Then we have something for you!"

Ignoring the bland and unverifiable nonsense in the first sentence, the question I want answering is "Do people go round attaching social stigmata to fat people?" If so, does this only apply to fat Catholics? Possibly there's someone hiding under the counter at an all-you-can-eat buffet near you with a claw hammer and some six-inch-nails just waiting to pounce.

Sadly, a quick Google shows that it's not just Fat people that need beware but also snorers and parents could be affected as "parents fear the horrendously negative social stigmata that comes along with being gay or having a gay son or daughter".

Fat, Catholic snorers with a gay child must be in constant fear of their lives through exsanguination!


mike said...

With advance apologies for the vulgarity, but my favourite spam e-mail will ALWAYS be the one entitled: "Satisfy your woman you p1nd1ck."

Wrong on SO many levels. You know, they could use a little target marketing...

JP said...

No wonder my mother is so depressed...an incidentally...exsanguination; tell me you had to look that up?

dB said...

No, sorry. It's in my vocabulary along with such useful, everyday words as defenestration and discombobulate.

basil said...

is that breaking windows and dislocating your bobulate