Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It's a Girl!

Well, apparently.

As I may have mentioned, Chinese hospitals aren't supposed to tell you the gender of your child for fear that you may see a girl as unwelcome. This is almost certainly a good thing when most city folk are only allowed to have one child and a girl neither passes on the family name nor ensures someone to look after you into old age. I assume, on the grounds that our children will be British and, technically, unlimited in number that the doctor didn't mind letting slip that she is almost certain it's a girl. Not from ultrasound or anything like that but from external prodding only.

This has now been confirmed by YY dreaming that we had a large, white snake (steady - this isn't a euphemism!) in the house. Apparently a white snake is the key indicator so, it's definitely a girl...

This might sound unlikely, but that's probably if you don't put it in the context of seemingly less plausible superstitions such as Korean Fan Death. It seemed a bit implausible when I first read about it here but even has it's own website at


JP said...

These Koreans are crazy!

basil said...

we realised it wasn't a euphemism when you said large.
jp - these or those koreans
Basil -aka The Pedant