Thursday, August 24, 2006

Random Questions of the Day

  • Why do most female stealth-bike riders here have the wing mirrors angled so they can see their face rather then the road behind them?
  • Why do stealth-bike riders think it’s both big and clever to appear smug when they overtake cyclists on a hill?
  • Why do construction projects hang the phrase ‘安全第一’ (quite literally ‘Safety First’) everywhere when clearly no-on knows what it means?
  • Why do they fit ventilation systems in road tunnels and underground car parks but don’t switch them on?
  • Why do all buildings have Security Guards when clearly they’re only ornamental?
  • Why do shops and restaurants keep all the lights turned off when there are no customers inside, thus creating the impression that they’re closed?
  • Why do people not react in any way to you ringing your bicycle bell/hooting/shouting at them when they’re in the middle of the road/bike lane?
  • Why, when tackling pollution is getting some serious attention, do the police set up endless road blocks to check bicycles and let stinking trucks pumping thick black smoke go untouched?
  • Why do cars drive with their high-beam lights, fog lights and driving lights on when it’s raining? (I’d suggest that it’s to blind people coming the other way but that just seems gratuitous)
  • Why, oh why, don’t people USE THEIR EYES before walking, cycling or driving onto a more major road?

I could go on, and indeed, on. I guess the answer to all of these questions is simply going to be ‘Why not?’ as that’s the only answer to so many questions here…


pete said...

It is big and clever, obviously.

JP said...

Are we having a pizza day?

basil said...

what's a stealth bike? Is it a bike than can fly under radar?

dB said...

Basil - they're these wretched electronic bikes that make no noise as they move and scare the bejeezus out of you when they sail past you up the pavement.

pete said...

Stealth bike, e-bike, stealth scooter, etc - all the same thing.

basil said...

Ah! So PL scares the bejeezus (for the English out there that's bejesus!) out of you huh? He scared me without his stealth bike!!