Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Another Trip To the Gym

In the gym changing rooms today it was really quite gloomy when I was trying to use my slightly broken locker. The lights in the changing room were all on bar the ones in this row of lockers.

I did try asking the attendant if they were broken and, if not, could they turn them on. To which he responded that they only turn them on after 4:30pm.

It took me fully 30 seconds of 'I guess that seems reasonable' before I got to 'hang on, there aren't ANY windows in here so there's no natural light to worry about'.

Rules is rules, I guess. No-one says they have to make any sense.


JP said...

Much as I enjoy ranting about the Chinese we may all be as mad as each other; I was in House of Frazer the other day, sweating my tits off; apparently the climate controls for every store are based on the weather in Manchester.

HistoryElephant said...

So there's the answer, no need to go down the gym to lose weight, dB, you just need to go to a posh department store to sweat your tits off.