Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Lunch yesterday consisted of going to the "Best Buffet in Town" (TM) at the Hyatt - not remarkable in itself except for a conversation that I overheard. A plump (by Chinese standards) lady was about to help herself to something from the buffet when another woman sitting at a table nearby called out "You shouldn't have that - you're too fat!" at which point the woman stopped and walked away - to a completely different table.

I can just imagine the response in the UK to an incident like that and I'm pretty sure it would begin with the phrase "Are you talking to me?" and end much less pleasantly. The lack of embarassment about confronting complete strangers with things is quite amazing (particularly if you're English and your DNA tells you that you would be best served not risking confrontation of any sort).

After lunch we went outside to find the car only to find the dancing fountains in full swing, again. I guess we must have impeccable timing because, just like last time I was there, a song I really hate was booming out over the speakers. Thanks to the power of Google, I have just learned that this is Take Me to Your Heart by Michael Learns to Rock. I'll admit that I've never even heard of the band before this morning, which is hardly surprising as they seem to produce sappy, poppy love-songs. The reason I hate this song comes from shooting the Wedding Photographs - a 17 hours ordeal at the photographers which, except for an excursion to West Lake for some photographs on, around and occasionally in the lake, was done entirely in their studios in Hangzhou. They had one, single CD with 6 tracks that came round again, and again, and again in a kind of Chinese Pop Torture. Unfortunately that leaves me with a sort of Pavlovian conditioning that means I only need to hear "Love is now or never" and am left with the urge to rend the speakers from their mountings and hurl them into the lake.


JP said...

I remember the '20 songs of celebration' piano tape from Fifth Avenue that played on a continuous loop for, what, 5 years? The Wedding March, Happy Birthday etc.

It's not exactly an endorsement of the Chinese taste in music when they can stomach listening to the same drivel ... repeating ... constantly ... forever!!!

dB said...

You can check out any time you like
But you can never leave
Every shing-a-ling-a-ling
That they’re starting to sing’s
So damned repetitive

'nuff said

A. said...

I remember walking by Westlake, passing some wedding couples having photos taken (why oh why) to a backing tune of 'Happy Birthday'. Oh Well.

Noel Ch said...

Fuck me, you're a prick

dB said...

Everyone's a critic. Big Michael Learns to Rock fan are you Mr. ch?

JP said...

Pathetic; let me know if you identify the little turd.

A. said...

JP. You and turds!!!!!!

JP said...