Tuesday, May 16, 2006

More Motoring Madness

I don't want this blog to simply become the Health and Safety Foibles/Motoring Madness blog that it seems to be becoming but I'm afraid that my scant readership will have to put up with this for the time being.

Hopefully a lighter workload (hah!) and soon-to-be-fully functioning leg will enable a greater degree of out-and-aboutness and more correspondingly multi-dimensional blogging.

Until then, it's mostly about getting to/from work and the myriad of minor disasters - most narrowly avoided - some less so than others.

This morning, I got a lift in to work with the company driver. He's generally a cheerful soul and has no regard whatsoever for other road users, unless they irritate or amuse him. He tsk'd irritatedly at the taxi that was refusing to heed his persistent beeping and get out of our way so we could illegally set off up the pavement. As the taxi driver wasn't budging he eventually gave up and lunged into the traffic flow, neither glancing nor flinching, as other drivers testing their horns and ABS brakes and wiped the nose marks off their windscreens.

There was a wag of the finger at some people daring to cross the road at a zebra crossing with the green man in their favour (this, in China, means nothing), and a hearty chuckle as a Honda Accord changed lanes and knocked a man's electric bike flying. The biker (who wasn't actually on the bike at the time) ran round to the driver's side door and flung the door open just as we drove too far so I couldn't see. Still - it made me glad for the automatic door locks on my car!

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