Friday, May 05, 2006

Damn Bugs

Not sure if the insect population is trying to seek revenge for the slaughter of innocent moths yesterday...

We have a new client in town and went out for lunch. On the way back I to the office in a taxi I put my phone in my pocket and seconds later realised that there was something in my left hand between my thumb and middle finger. First thought was that it was a ringpull or something like that that I had pulled out of my pocket. A quick look down revealed that a large, round, hard-shelled insect was clinging to my finger. After a quick yelp of surprise (and gales of laughter from the taxi driver) the insect was flung to the floor and dispatched with a size 49.5 boot. I could have hoped that a first meeting with a new client contact might have been done with a bit more decorum.

This morning woke up at 5am scratching my right ring finger and suddenly realised that I'd been bitten by a mosquito. Lights on and 10 minutes prowling round the room later I still hadn't found it but I had discovered that the damned thing had been treating me as a buffet. I had been bitten on both hands, the backs of both legs, my right foot and my, er, seat. There was nothing for it but to quickly decamp to the spare bedroom and to deliver justice to the mosquito, Raid style.

Has anyone got any antihistimine?


JP said...

Yucky poo; I've had to put on my bicycle clips.

Haven't you got a mosquito net?

adders said...

I still cant believe the ammount you get bitten. Not one in all the time i was there - even sleeping with the windows open. Ha.