Thursday, May 04, 2006

Moths. Grim.

The moths are back. I have just been to the larder and it's full of small, black and grey moths. This happened last year as well.

Now, I was aware of the concept of people putting moth balls in clothes from the UK but I've always considered this to be anachronistic. So, when I saw a moth in the larder last year I didn't think anything of it. Then over time I saw another, and another, and another, until I came to realise that we had a problem.

The biggest problem is that my larder mostly contains special, imported foods. Boxes of Shreddies and other breakfast cereals, Barilla pasta, Sainsbury's mashed potato powder, imported bread flour, Paxo and so on. Last year by the time we realised we had a problem because we'd seen a few moths and cleared the cupboard out, we found that the cupboard had become a veritable nest. Caterpillars had eaten through most of the boxes to get inside and, in the case of the cereals, they'd even managed to eat through the plasic bags so there were caterpillars and coccoons throughout the food. Grim indeed so, a cupboard full of imported delights had to go.

This year I thought we'd been vigilant, wiping out moths the second we saw them as opposed to assuming they were harmless as I've always done. The result? I've just killed three moths in the larder now. And enjoyed a nice bowl of Shreddies. I guess more protein means less carbs which is better for you in the long run...


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mashed potato powder?

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