Tuesday, May 16, 2006

History Elephant

I would like to welcome History Elephant to the world of blogging. Colleagues of mine will undoubtedly be able to recognise the combination of a passing interest in China, an affiliation with history, a large dose of skepticism all topped off with heavy sarcasm and recognise the History Elephant immediately.

To make life doubly certain for me, I recognised the pile of money (China being the cash-based society that it is).

To the History Elephant I say 欢迎您到博客世界来!


GW said...

OK 2 things (maybe 3). The link here don't work (maybe it does if you've fixed it after this and made me look silly)! Secondly the translation according to babel is Welcome you to come to the abundant guest world. So what's all that about then?

dB said...

The link works fine...

If you look up 博客 on the lovely
MDGB dictionary you will find that it means 'Blog' - it's a new word joining bo2 and ke4 (which could be translated as abundant and guest) because it sounds a bit like blog. Babel's just not as hip so it doesn't know or it would have told you a closer approximation to 'Welcome to the world of blog'

Was there a 3rd thing?

cheeky said...

you're fixing it as you go along (in a monty python voice).
the 3rd thing was me being wry in the next bloggy bit!!!