Monday, May 08, 2006

Evening Meal

Duck Tongues

We went to the Good Sunshine Restaurant (OK, a Good Sunshine restaurant - it's a very popular name) last night. I actually quite enjoyed my half of the meal - beef with spicy peppers, eggy pumpkin and some fried noodles with Pork.

I thought you might like me to share the other, er, dishes.

Drunken Shrimp

The photographs all had to be snapped sneakily for fear that the restaurant thought that I was trying to photograph the dishes so that I could recreate them.

First up was the ever popular starter, duck tongues. They look worse than they sound because they come with the tendons that used to attach them to the duck still intact. It makes them easier to hold. Apparently.


Next up were drunken shrimp. A movie would have been better because you could then see that the shrimp are still moving in the sauce because they've not become sufficiently drunk. 15 minutes later and they're still enough to have their innards sucked out.

This was all topped off with a big plate of juicy snails. Yum.


JP said...

Remind me not to read your blog with breakfast in future.

A. said...

I'd like to see a picture of the pigs brains. I sort of miss it - not.

dB said...

Of course duck tongues aren't for breakfast - unless you blend them with an egg and a glass of juice.

I don't know why but YY seems to be off the pig brains at the mo. Odd that.