Thursday, May 25, 2006

Gas Price Shocker II

I must have been asleep when the gas prices went up last because they've just gone up again by about 5% to 4.86 RMB/litre.

That's 0.325 GBP/litre or 2.29 USD/US Gallon.

Taxi drivers, particularly, are up in arms and are talking about giving up in large numbers. They have had a rise in prices recently as 10RMB now gets you 3km, not 4 but I'm not sure how that stacks up against their costs.

In Guangzhou recently we were charged a fuel surcharge of 5 RMB on journeys to the airport (I only noticed because they gave me a bunch of 0.9 RMB fa piao invoices to cover it).


pete said...

Gas price shocker? Gas?
Tsk, Tsk.

This has got to be a good thing, especially if it is because the subsidy has been reduced or redirected!

dB said...

I thought twice about it and then decided on gas. As Mr. History Elephant point out to me once before. People who speak both English and American English will understand gas (although speakers of English may be affronted by it).

Speakers whose vocabulary is restricted to US English don't always understand English words like petrol therefore it's more inclusive to use US English vocabulary.

And I do get occasional readers from the US, honest.