Saturday, May 27, 2006

What do you do?

When you have a visitor coming for only two days who's never been to Hangzhou before. Answer: Everything!

Morning: West Lake - Despite the impending rain, we managed to avoid being rained on entirely. Walked round part of Beishan Lu and Gu Shan (the soldiers were back and ran past us in formation to add to the experience) then got a boat across to 'Three Pools Mirroring the Moon' island and back to shore.

Lunch: Tea House (with advice to avoid the boiled eggs - they don't contain egg)

Afternoon: Linying Temple (for the first time our visit coincided with a ceremony with lots of chanting - makes the experience much more real).

Fei Lai Feng
- trekking round the (slippery) hills looking at carved buddhas on the hillside and in caves.

Evening: He Fang Jie for some souvenir shopping.

Meal out at 'Grandma's Kitchen' to experience some real Hangzhou cuisine and a foot massage at Qian Zi Lian.

I think that about covers all the bases and I don't think you could get much more into the day. Finally back to bed about midnight. Whew!


JP said...

What no haircut; no foot massage; no 'happy ending'?

You just weren't trying.

dB said...

No foot massage apart from the foot massage I referred to in the article...