Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Buses and Trucks

The picture below is of fairly typical bus behaviour here - and I guess it's not that different from Liverpool in that respect where the buses are, to my mind, the most aggressive and homicidal in the UK (which is odd because the Liverpool taxi drivers always seem much more courteous than other places)... There are several places where the bus routes are organised so that there's a bus stop mere metres before the bus route turns left, which leads to acts like this. So, this is how we sat for an entire turn of the lights up ahead waiting for the left filter to come on to enable the bus to move.

The most bizarre way I've seen this sort of thoughtlessness manifest itself was on the way home last week. A policeman had pulled up an articulated truck for some infringment and neither policeman nor truck driver seemed at all concerned that the truck was stopped diagonally across three lanes of traffic. Even the cacophony of infuriated taxi-driver's horns went unheeded.

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