Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Honda Accord...

On a recent road trip, EW explained that Chinese people have a very dim view of BMW drivers.

In addition to BMWs, he also suggested that Honda Accord drivers were held in low esteem. And I can understand why.

How people are attracted to a car in such a way that they drive in the same, shocking, way I can't quite imagine. I think the only similar view people have of a single vehicle in the UK would be that of the 'White Van Man'.

Honda Accord Man in China is definitely an observable phenomenon. Taxis aside (definitely a few blog entries there) Honda Accords make up a very large proportion of people performing dangerous, aggressive maneouvres.

Incidentally, the VW Bora is, apparently, considered to be a girls car over here. Is that true in the UK?


JP said...

BMW drivers have that reputation over here, my partner James holds an unnatural venom for them (as with many other things)...he will be please that they are similarly loathed in China.

dB said...

Actually the Chinese do, apparently say that BMW drivers are barstewards, or something like that, so it proves that they're smart.