Saturday, April 29, 2006

Health and Safety - 2

Man. Hole.
Roadworks present an interesting twist on the way they're done in the UK. For someone doing something in the middle of the main road, there would be barriers with lights, probably a small tent, warning signs at least 100 yards way, etc. etc. This example shows a cone which, is still better than some of them I've seen - the worst used a single brick in front of the hole - surprised the hell out of the taxi driver who was transporting me when a head appeared in front of his car but he ably swerved round it.

Man. Hole. Arm.

Investigating the hole a bit more closely showed it to be occupied as the next photo shows. I still don't fully comprehend why people aren't as concerned about their own welfare as I would be in their situation.

Anyone who spends a lot of time in China will see so many occasions when people are needlessly putting their life on the line like this.

Man. Hole. Arm.

The scariest have been things like watching people smash up a wall with a sledgehammer whilst they're standing on the wall and with people people oxy-acetylene cutting above them spraying them with boiling metal.

Even simple tasks like cleaning windows can't be achieved without some degree of life-threateningness.

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