Thursday, April 20, 2006

Fifth Fun

Fifth Avenue is a slightly bizarre 'Western' restaurant with many interesting characteristics such as the food, the menu, the service and the music. It does seem to have become slightly more 'ordinary' recently as a result of them removing the 'wedding march' from the lunchtime music and getting rid of the fake leopard.

One of the funniest incidents is documented on Troubled Diva (#2).

As it appears to have been getting a bit too ordinary it's nice to see that they've done it up a bit with chintzy cushions and antimacassars. I guess it beats trying to clean the macassar off the cushions...

On the way back we were chatting to our new visitor, M, and I spotted that there was a shoe-cleaning chappy standing behing M trying to get his attention. Clearly M has been studying some Chinese as I said "Shoe shine" to which he responded "you're welcome"...

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