Monday, April 24, 2006


Pizza Hut

I have suffered at the hands of my cleaner before - she volunteered to pop to Pizza Hut to buy a pizza for me. I asked for Pepperoni.

When she returned I thought the pizza smelt a bit odd before I even opened to box. She then explained that the salesperson had suggested that their new 'special' was even tastier than pepperoni so she'd bought that instead. Turned out to have slices of eel on it.

I was reminded of that this morning when I woke up dreaming of having a 'Stuffed Crust' pizza, only it wasn't stuffed with cheese but instead they'd wrapped a whole eel into the crust. Not a great way to wake up.

There are a number of 'speciality' pizzas here though that seem designed for the local market - as you certainly don't find them elsewhere. Trout pizza - for example. I had a tuna pizza the other day that was covered in crab and, like a lot of other things, loads of 1000 island dressing.

I think the show-topper for me is still 'Starfish Pizza' - a pizza covered in small, whole, brightly coloured starfish. I'm shuddering slightly at the thought of it.


Sheree said...

hello david...greetings from the sunny cali. hope all is well, i came across your blog from your msn. so how are things? i see that you got married! congrats!!

if i get a break from my work, i might have a chance to come back to hangzhou this year. date is tentative. don't mind me dropping in and say hi! :) cheerios

dB said...

Hi Sheree - long time no hear and thanks!

You'll always be welcome if you want to pop by - just let us know when you're coming.

JP said...

I fear I may have to stop reading your blog if I am ever to return to China again!

dB said...

I'm not sure why my blog would put you off. Surely you've seen enough culinary horrors already?