Friday, April 28, 2006

Tom Baker - Confirmed Weird

Well, as if proof were needed, this is definitely another thing that clinches Tom Baker's position as one of the wierdest and funniest people on the planet.

I picked this up in Singapore a couple of months ago but have taken the chance of being sofa-bound to read it. OK - it's semi-obviously a kids book but I'm a huge Tom Baker fan and thought it worth a read and, it was.

It would be easy to imagine that the book came from an inspired thought whilst the author was down the pub and upon returning that the whole thing was poured onto the page in a single, mad sitting. I know nothing to compare it to, although I don't make a habit of reading kids books. The sort of people that read kids books (e.g. Harry Potter) but feel the burden of shame for doing so and wish to pay top dollar for 'adult covers' on the books will be relieved at the discreet cover.

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JP said...

I keep picking this one up, and putting it down again; I'll give it a go, thanks for the review.

On the subject of adult cover versions of Harry Potter; it saddens me that these exist and I scoff at them whenever I'm trawling around Waterstones.

It would probably have been a better marketing ploy to create Christian cover versions; there are so many wacko fundamentalists in this country.