Monday, April 03, 2006

A Quiet Walk in the Hills

Went for a quiet (albeit exhausting) walk in the hills with PL, which being China, meant doing so with thousands of other people, most of whom were wearing regular shoes, carrying carrier bags of shopping and, unpleasantly, carring branches of flowering trees that they had snapped off as they passed. I've spoken to a few people about this since and there seem to be a large number of people who find this unnaceptable. Time to introduce the Country Code?
At one point we stopped at the side on a particularly steep climb we pulled off to the side to allow some people to descend. The first people past I assumed to be the father and mother of those that followed and he was the first person to exchange pleasantries with us, which is nice.
30 seconds later his daughter came past and as she drew level with us promptly slipped landed on her arse. The father shouted out "如果看中国的脸你没有问题.一看一个外国的脸就摔了!" (if you'd seen a Chinese face you wouldn't have a problem. As soon as you see a foreigners face you fall down!". Everyone burst out laughing with the exception of the poor lass who was struggling to get up. 30 seconds later the son appears and at the same point slips and falls again. Much merriment from all. For a good few minutes as we carried on up the hill we could hear the father retelling and retelling the joke and laughing himself silly.

Any votes as to what this is? It's in the middle of nowhere. If were were it England (and it had fewer dragons) I'd guess it was a folly. Given it's location, it seems extremely expensive (it's made entirely of marble).

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