Monday, April 17, 2006

Softball - Practice 1

We're organising an inter-company softball tournament at the moment. It's proving quite interesting. There are a few hurdles to clear:

1) The local sports field (belonging to the Technical University) is simply awful. It's covered in bits of rubble and part of it is covered in clover nearly a foot high.
2) Very few of the staff know how to play
3) I haven't played for 20 years

After the first practice, I have to say I'm struggling with the fact that I'm hideously unfit as well. I certainly ache today after only a few hits and a bit of running about. Hopefully things will improve...

The staff that came showed some promise though so hopefully we'll be able to have a decent match in a few weeks.

Here's some useful vocabulary.

softball 垒球 lěi qiú
softball field 垒球场 lěi qiú chǎng
infield, diamond 内场 nèi chǎng
outfield 外场 wài chǎng
fair territory 界内地区 jiè nèi dì qū
foul territory 界外地区 jiè wài dì qū
foul line 边线 biān xiàn
base lěi
home base 本垒 běn lěi
first base 一垒 yī lěi
second base 二垒 èr lěi
third base 三垒 sān lěi
home plate 本垒板 běn lěi bǎn
pitcher's circle 投手圈 tóu shǒu quān
glove 手套, 分指手套 shǒu tào , fēn zhǐ shǒu tào
mitt 合指手套 hé zhǐ shǒu tào
bat 球棒 qiú bàng
mask 护面 hù miàn
chest protector 护胸 hù xiōng
helmet 护帽 hù mào
softball player 垒球运动员 lěi qiú yùn dòng yuán
pitcher 投手 tóu shǒu
catcher 接手 jiē shǒu
fielder 守场员 shǒu chǎng yuán
baseman 守垒员 shǒu lěi yuán
shortstop 游击手 yóu jī shǒu
outfielder 外场手 wài chǎng shǒu
batter, hitter 击球员 jī qiú yuán


RT said...

who's on 1st base?

dB said...


JP said...

I haven't played softball in years; the last time, I organised an event at Experian that ended in disaster.

I can still see them now, running towards each other, oblivious to anything but the ball. The whole thing seemed to happen in slow motion, until...

There was an awful lot of blood, it was quite amazing. I didn't go with them to the hospital (if memory serves I went to the pub). I haven't played since.

Anyway, it's only rounders really...bit of a girls game.

rt said...

you have to have lots of cans of bud to play by the way, so running in slow motion a)is possible and b) doesn't hurt so much when you collide.
without looking what about the 2nd and 3rd bases?

dB said...

I don't know third

Oddly enough we had the opposite problem on a number of occasions. People kept watching the people and not the ball - watched the same girl on second, What was her name, shouting at the pitcher whilst the outfielders threw the ball at the back of her head...