Saturday, April 01, 2006

First Post

I've decided to move my blog over to blogger - at JP's recommendation so you can blame him if it all goes wrong - my main beef with MSN spaces is the fact that people need to sign in with a Microsoft Passport before they can leave comments. So - the next bunch of posts will be stuff moving over. I've only recently started this blogging malarkey so it won't take long...

PL has just pointed out that I can change the dates on Blogger blogs so I have. Everything from 11th April forward will be realtime. Honest


JP said...

First Comment

It's very kind of you to suffer the weak interface in order to help your readership; I like the title, although, I wouldn't have you down as a sheep, unless it's your Chinese star sign.

Do people in China delay the birth of their children in order to have them in the appropriate year?

dB said...

I was born in a year of the sheep, hence the title. I thought about going into some sort of explanatory blurb but decided it wasn't going to be that interesting. My other half is, as it happens, a tiger so it works reasonably well.

Yes, they do. Apparently dog years, like this one, have a higher than average birth rate because dogs are reliable and dependable (some companies will only hire people born in the year of the dog). See this:
Birth rates up 30% over the previous (chicken) year.