Thursday, April 13, 2006

Strange Sights - Archive Event (2006/01/11)

Answers on a postcard (or as a comment on this blog would be nice).

I'm in the car and we've stopped for some inexplicable reason just after
the motorway toll booths that herald your arrival in Shanghai.

Just glanced at another car alongside us in time to see the following:
-the driver gets out and opens the rear passenger door
-he reaches in and pulls out a full carrier bag
-as he closes the door some water slops out of the bag
-he then pops the bonnet and pours the contents of the bag into the

Where do you start with the questions trying to work this situation out?


RT said...

So what is the the difference between hand-picked fat and erm fat?
Pizzle (which is exactly what you think it is)- small pizza?

JP said...

Silly man commented in the wrong place, anyway...haven't you stopped questioning these things yet?

dB said...

Pizzle, a part of the body that normally is associated with pizz.

There might be some possible cross-over here - perhaps the carrier bag also contained eels...?

rt said...

he said he wanted a comment!

dB said...

Comment or no, it's still in the wrong place!